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JLN Environmental/Energy: Administration Presses Ahead With Limits on Emissions From Power Plants; Ozone Treaty Offers Quicker Fix for Global Warming; California law to regulate fracking signed by governor

In this edition, continuing coverage of the Obama administration’s push ahead with enacting the first federal carbon limits on the nation’s power companies. The NY Times follows up with Challenges Await Plan to Reduce Emissions. German elections held the globe’s...

JLN Environmental/Energy: China’s Spending on Renewable Energy May Total 1.8 Trillion Yuan; New EPA chief takes on critics of U.S. agency's policies; Carbon neutral growth for aviation – At what price?

In this edition, coverage of the carbon markets is found in Carbon neutral growth for aviation – At what price? fromBloomberg New Energy Finance and UN to open carbon market offices in Bogota and Manila from the blog Responding to Climate Change. From the political...

JLN Environmental/Energy: Vattenfall writes down $4.6 billion in ailing energy market; Leading Republican says U.S. biofuel policy needs overhaul; China’s Coal-Fired Economy Dying of Thirst as Mines Lack Water

In this edition, coverage of Europe’s electricity challenges, in Vattenfall writes down $4.6 billion in ailing energy market from Reuters and an FT column A real energy revolution needs us to look beyond sound bites. From the U.S.: House Lawmakers Say Renewable-Fuel...

JLN Environmental/Energy: Europe comfortable combining with Australia's carbon market; As World’s Largest Solar Thermal Plant Opens, California Looks to End Solar Wars; California floats cap-and-trade rule changes

In this edition, coverage about a potential EU, Australian carbon hook-up. There’s Bloomberg’s report of an Accenture study on the link and some perspective from the Sydney Morning Herald. Elsewhere, California floats cap-and-trade rule changes. And from the solar...

JLN Environmental/Energy: Obama Sets Limiting Carbon as Priority in Climate Plan; Climate change: Why does President Obama's plan skirt Congress?; Keystone Gains After Report Dismisses Bitumen Spill Risk

In this edition, the day-two coverage of the Obama carbon plan. Plus, The Christian Science Monitor takes on the White House plan to avoid legislation. And, Bloomberg reports on Obama’s Overseas Coal Pledge to Curb Ex-Im Bank Financing. Quote of the Day:"I refuse to...

JLN Environmental/Energy: Obama to Outline Ambitious Plan to Cut Greenhouse Gases; Obama’s EPA Gets Supreme Court Hearing on Coal Pollution; Japan’s High-Cost Renewable Energy Curbs Subsidy Impact

In this edition, the curtain-raisers for the Tuesday climate change address from U.S. President Barack Obama. Plus, several court developments in the U.S. impacting coal and state-by-state emissions. Quote of the Day:“The United States has been notable in recent years...

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