David Downey Knows Security Futures Like No One Else

David Downey Knows Security Futures Like No One Else

David Downey does not suffer fools well. His statements are very direct and to the point. And he knows when he is right and is willing to point out where regulators and competitors are wrong. Downey is in the process of shutting down OneChicago, but his writings and...

David Downey Stands Apart

David Downey is as pugnacious as he is passionate. He has battled and won, retired, and come back to battle again. Current CEO of OneChicago, he is a man on a mission to bring understanding and respect for OneChicago and its products. It is a fight he believes in and...

The Chicago Way

In Chicago we don’t believe in short selling bans.  If you want to go short, you just walk into the trading pit and put your hands up in the air facing out and yell “SELL 4 at 6,” or something like that.  If you want to sell some futures electronically, you just hit...

Five Minutes with Dan Stern

Daniel B. Stern is managing member of Stern Investment Advisors, LLC in Chicago, which he started in August of 2004. He has been in the trading and financial services industry for 35 years, beginning as a soybean trading at the Chicago Board of Trade, where he is...

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