price discovery

Making A Call Around the Pits

It seems like a lifetime ago, when I used to publish daily statistics in this newsletter about the percentage of open outcry trading versus electronic trading at the CBOT and CME. It was a fun daily exercise, especially when the CBOT was taking on the NYMEX/COMEX for...

Supply and Demand Equilibrium Overruns a Picket

Let’s step back for a moment from the debate about high frequency trading (“HFT”) and  consider some basic economics and trading strategies. Every economics class I have ever taken has always used a supply/demand chart to reflect a quantity willing to be supplied and...

Picture This: Futures Trading Has an Economic Purpose

Futures trading is "legalized gambling."  That is the message coming from the powers that be in the movie industry who don't want two new futures exchanges to be approved by the CFTC to trade exchange traded listed derivative contracts on movie box office receipts. ...

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