The Addiction of the Temporary Fix

While aggregating news for various JLN newsletters this morning, I came across this press release: Aggressive Central Bank Actions Will Continue As Long As Global Economic Prospects Remain Bleak, According to BNY Mellon-Sponsored ReportCentral banks are unlikely to...


Correction: Last week’s commentary (Parallel Worlds, JLN Forex, September 11, 2012), contained an incorrect statement. In paragraph three, the line “Ignoring a problem does not make it go away, and moving a loss or a non-performing asset from one entity’s balance...

Parallel Worlds

As an avid fan of the science fiction genre, I am fascinated by the idea of parallel worlds and alternate realities. Lately, however, I have begun thinking that I may be living in one. In the alternate world in which I am currently living, anything resembling good...

The Downside of Can-Kicking

This week is sizing up to be a bit of a yawner in the forex market. I predict long periods of thumb-twiddling in between rounds of QE3 predictions. On Friday, Ben Bernanke will give a speech in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in which he will use a lot of big words, yet say...

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