JLN Environmental/Energy: EEX, Powernext to combine gas trading from May 29; U.K.’s Davies Seeks Carbon Vote in EU Assembly Before End-July; How Google is changing the renewables game for Apple, Facebook

In this edition, a look at carbon policy inaction impact on utilities use of coal and power prices. A New York Times political feature says Obama’s second term is off to a slow start for the environment. And, U.S. House Plans Hearings on Federal Ethanol Mandate This...

JLN Environmental/Energy: Carbon Fee From Obama Seen Viable With Backing From Exxon; As U.S. hesitates, California pours billions into green energy; EU mulls tougher emissions target under carbon market reform

In this edition, President Obama steps up the climate change rhetoric but lacks a plan, according to Business Green. Reuters interviews a top U.S. energy advisor, who says U.S. brings forward gas self-sufficiency forecast. And across the Atlantic, EU mulls tougher...

JLN Environmental/Energy: UN May Supply Record Number of Carbon Offsets in November; Farming may contribute a third of emissions, study finds; Cameron Says U.K. Must Rethink Energy Once Renewables Target Met

In this edition, coverage of Superstorm Sandy and the U.S. election, less than a week away, in The Hill’s Rep. Waxman seeks lame-duck hearing on Sandy, climate change links and Utility chief calls climate ‘ancillary argument’ in Sandy's wake. Bloomberg has Romney Seen...

JLN Environmental/Energy: JLN Environmental/Energy: Australia, California in talks to link carbon trading; Carbon Trading Grows as Preferred Policy Tool, IETA Says; Warren Buffett to snap up US wind farms

In this edition, coverage of closer carbon market linkage talks between California and Australia from The Age and Bloomberg. Meanwhile, in the wind space, a move by Buffet: Warren Buffett to snap up US wind farms, reports Business Green. Also, Spain Adds $32 Billion...

JLN Environmental/Energy: Top emitter China agrees to work with EU to cut carbon; Businesses plead for changes to California’s new cap-and-trade market; How green banks can transform our energy system

In this edition, coverage centers on Europe’s latest move (following its pairing with Australia in recent months) to sync up on ETS and other efforts: Reuters has “Top emitter China agrees to work with EU to cut carbon” and Business Green brings its own take on these...

JLN Environmental/Energy: California’s cap-and-trade program to cut emissions starts trial run; Water Should Be More Valued to Reflect Worth, Nestle Chief Says; Republicans vow to end ‘war on coal’, torch green regulations

In this edition, a focus on California’s trial carbon market run and a look at commoditizing water plus more on U.S. policy as the GOP convention continues. Business Green has “Republicans vow to end 'war on coal', torch green regulations,” while The Hill brings us...

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