I Still Believe in the Futures Industry Model

I still believe in the futures industry segregated funds model.  In fact as strange as it may seem, my own experience, or that of my former firm with Refco and MF Global, has only strengthened my belief in the structure and wisdom of the model.  However, there is a...

PFGBEST: The Unanswered Question

As we search for solutions to the Peregrine Financial Group crime spree and the MF Global non-criminal (so far) implosion, answers to questions about another criminal brokerage firm blow-up go unanswered. The industry has come forward with after-the-fact solutions to...

Who Wants In?

On October 30th, the day before MF Global declared bankruptcy, I (John Lothian) wrote an email to some industry leaders expressing my strongly-held belief that there would be no deal to buy MF Global. The biggest reason was that there "has not been any player in...

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