The Spread – A New Year – 1/4

The Spread – A New Year – 1/4

It's hard to believe 2018 is in the rear-view mirror, but markets stop for no one. So without further ado, enjoy the first episode of "The Spread" in 2019. Below are the stories referenced in this week's episode: -Youtube -> Up, Down, Touch...

Day 4 in Shanghai: Jack Ma and the Gamechangers

I can’t believe this week is almost over. It is Friday morning in Shanghai. I don’t know the Mandarin for TGIF but actually my week has been so great I almost wish it wasn’t over.   It is too bad Shanghai isn’t as close to Chicago as say Kalamazoo. I’d drive there all...

Shanghai day three: Alibaba and the Big D

I just logged day three of my first trip to Shanghai and I am beginning day 4 as I write this. The three days of non stop rain has given way to a beautiful sunrise, albeit a bit hazy one with either pollution or fog browning the blue sky. But it is so much nicer than...

Day Two in Shanghai, The Big Fish 大鱼

My second day here in Shanghai was even better than the first in many ways. Still Raining as the Jimi Hendrix song says and the people here are Still Dreaming of ways to make money. I continue to be blown away by the enormousness of this city and by the people...

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