I am not a Futures Broker (Anymore)

I am not a futures broker... anymore that is.  Wow!  What a feeling!  (See Taking My Own Advice from Friday for why.) Since 1984 I have worked for a futures brokerage firm, been a futures broker, or a proprietary trader.  Of course, since 2000 or 2003, depending on...

A Speculator Does Not Bet

As I was listening to one of the High Frequency Trading subcommittee reports at the Technology Advisory Committee Meeting  of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission a week ago, I took umbrage at some of the language being used to describe trading. Specifically, I...

Interview with Anthony Neglia of Tower Trading

Anthony Neglia is president of Tower Trading of New York City, an open outcry floor brokerage firm specializing in options on precious metals at the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). His commentary regularly appears on CNBC and TheStreet.com. John Lothian News...

Keith Goggin – Integral Derivatives

Keith Goggin is a partner at Integral Derivatives LLC, the largest options specialist firm on the NYSE/Amex options marketplace. He has been a market-maker and specialist in options on ETFs since their inception. John Lothian News editor-at-large Doug Ashburn spoke...

Scoring Tuesday’s CFTC Open Meeting

Normally, one would not list CFTC meetings among top choices in televisual entertainment, but yesterday’s open meeting was a relatively raucous affair. The final rules on position limits, which required the cancellation of two prior meetings in order to give the...

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Washington Made a Fortress for Inauguration After Capitol Riot

Washington Made a Fortress for Inauguration After Capitol Riot

First Read $25,451/$300,000 (8.5%) Ricardo Manrique and Philip Slocum ++++ ++++ Elevated Risk Levels, Volatility Seen Continuing as 2021 Debuts Suzanne Cosgrove and Matt Raebel - John Lothian News The pandemic of 2020 and its associated economic fallout pushed the...

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