JLN Options: Options Week in Review March 7, 2013

Bank of America bought 150,000 shares of Constellation Brands, a wine and beer seller, a few days before Constellation announced an acquisition in which the bank was the lead lender, The Wall Street Journal reported.  The bank made a big profit from the trade, which...

JLN Options: CBOE To Introduce CBOE Low Volatility Index

LEAD STORYCBOE To Introduce CBOE Low Volatility IndexFeatures Lower Downside Volatility Plus Upside ParticipationCBOE Press Release The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) announced today that it will begin disseminating values for a new benchmark index, the CBOE...

John Lothian News Top Stories of 2011

We've created a list of the five most influential stories of 2011 for each of our newsletters, as well as from MarketsReformWiki, to help define what was a very eventful year across almost every market and industry sector. The year was punctuated by one major story...

Commentary: SPXpm Options Launch on C2

Today is the long-awaited launch of the new SPXpm options on C2, the all-electronic second options exchange created by the CBOE.  The contracts are similar to the CBOE’s benchmark S&P 500 Index options, except that they are electronically traded, are cash-settled,...

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