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Eighteen Years Later

Eighteen years ago today, I received a call right after the S&Ps closed. It was my wife, my very pregnant wife. Her water had broken and she patiently waited for the stock index futures to close before calling her futures broker husband to tell him this news. “You...

Two Words

By Tim Lothian As summer rolls along and I realize that July 17 is a whole lot closer to college move-in day than graduation, I have to prepare myself for the next stage in my life. But before I do that, I have to say something important to this community of readers....

Happy Thanksgiving from Tim Lothian

Hey, I am back! And lucky for your wallet I am not asking for money this time. If you not familiar with me, I am Tim Lothian, and my dad publishes this newsletter, etc. Last time I was here I was asking for you to buy popcorn to support Scouting and my scouting...

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China’s Inexorable Rise to Superpower Is History Repeating Itself

China’s Inexorable Rise to Superpower Is History Repeating Itself

First Read $9,241/$300,000 (3.1%) Monica Mulvihill ++++ Hits & Takes JLN Staff The women of WILD are holding an online auction and spooky trivia event to support their "Next Generation Women in Finance Scholarship FUNraiser." The auction started on October 16 and...

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