Tom Price

Martin Hollander Reflections

Martin Hollander Reflections

John Lothian News asked several former colleagues of Martin Hollander’s to offer reflections on his life. Martin and his family were killed in the volcanic eruption on White Island near New Zealand.

PFGBEST: The Unanswered Question

As we search for solutions to the Peregrine Financial Group crime spree and the MF Global non-criminal (so far) implosion, answers to questions about another criminal brokerage firm blow-up go unanswered. The industry has come forward with after-the-fact solutions to...

Five Minutes with Tom Price

Walter Thomas (Tom) Price, III wears many hats. He is chairman, president, CEO and sole shareholder of Price Futures Group, Inc. and Price Asset Management, Inc. He is also a principal investor in Uhlmann Price Securities, chief executive of Beeland Management Co.,...

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