We need you to tell a story and help us fill up our MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity events in Chicago and New York.

We love to tell stories. People in this industry are always telling stories about the markets. We replay the day’s trading with our fellow traders or friends. We tell strangers about the amazing things that happen in the markets. Everyone talks about some market event or action – even cab drivers sometimes, according to industry lore.

Those events, that market action and happenings, and the stories, have attracted thousands of young people into our markets over the years. Based on the stories, and the swirl and whirl of the kaleidoscope of the trading floor, there was never a shortage of fresh new talent attracted to our industry.

Today the trading floors are going quiet and the flow of young people is different; older, more educated and higher paid.  Despite the demise of the trading floor, there are still too many males as a percentage in the business, and not enough women.

At this year’s MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity series in Chicago we have six women speakers, leading off with Kate Maehr of the Greater Chicago Food Depository. We invited Kate to help tell the story both of the need for food for those in need, and the generosity in time, talent and treasure of this industry.

Julie Holzrichter from the CME Group and Lisa Dunsky from the OCC are among this year’s Chicago speakers. Dunsky is speaking about “why you should embrace career setbacks.” Karen Wuertz of the NFA is speaking about “Opportunity Behind Many Doors.” We also have Rumi Morales of the CME Group and Tracey Raben of the OCC.

For our New York event for the series, we have three female speakers, including Adena Friedman COO of Nasdaq.

In previous years we had Stacey Cunningham of NYSE, Veronica Augustsson of Cinnober, Julie Winkler of the CME Group and Katie Burgoon of Trading Technologies, among others.

We have had some fascinating stories told during our three years, starting of course with Leo Melamed as our inaugural speaker. Leo’s finely honed stories are good ones.

Richard Sandor is a terrific storyteller, and Terry Duffy was so popular with his story we invited him back a second year in 2014. Bill Brodsky, Ed Tilly, Craig Donohue, Don Wilson, Peter Borish, Garry Jones, and Charlotte Crosswell have all graced our stages in events in Chicago, New York or London. They all told great stories.

There are more great stories to be told and this year we will be seeking them out in Chicago, New York, London, Frankfurt and Paris. We will have more stories to share with you, and the world, about our industry than we have ever had before.

You see, there are still lots of great stories, it is just that we lost (mostly) the trading floors as the conduit for sharing them. Thus, we try new ways. We have a new generation to reach with new means and manners of communications.

At this year’s events, we are even going to be conducting 10 second interviews with speakers and attendees so we can post them to Snapchat.

One of the ways you can help is by telling people about our series – young people and those interested in opportunities in our industry and markets. Another way is by sharing the videos with people who would find the stories interesting and valuable.

Every year we get a great lineup of speakers and this is no exception. There is a story in there that will make a difference in someone’s life. We don’t know what speaker, or who the attendee is, but we know it will happen. And you could be the conduit.

So get out and tell the story about the MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity series and the chance to hear some great stories.


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