Telstra’s Adam Day Expounds on November Equinix Deal; Opportunities for Trading, Fintech, Crypto, Gaming Into Asia

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman and CEO

In early November Telstra partnered with Equinix to enhance the Telstra Octagon financial services solution and expand global access and direct connectivity between North America and eight of the world’s major futures and commodities exchanges. JLN interviewed Telstra’s Adam Day after the FIA EXPO about this deal and what it means for Telstra’s customers and potential clients.

The Telstra Octagon solution uses Telstra’s ultra-low latency global networks to support high-frequency trading activities. And now, with Telstra’s financial trading solution available on Platform Equinix, Telstra can now offer financial organizations improved network connectivity, access to the Equinix data center and colocation and Equinix Fabric interconnection services adjacent to the exchanges.

Day explains it all, albeit with lots of jargon, but Telstra has a unique offering that involves a lot of data traffic over its network, including its “massive” subsea cables. Data use jumped 50% on parts of its international network after the start of the pandemic as people flocked to screens to interact with colleagues, or worked from home or engaged in gaming or used online health services, Day said.

Retail traders also contribute to the increased traffic, Day said.

Telstra works with other services providers or private equity firms as a consortium to invest in laying new cable and owns 25% of Southern Cross Next, a cable from Australia through the Pacific to the U.S. that will be up and running in the spring of 2022 and will offer the lowest latency route, Day said.

Telstra has also invested in cables from Hong Kong to the U.S. and Singapore to the U.S., Day said.

Recruiting a diverse workforce is an issue Telstra is working on, particularly giving women  leadership roles and bringing younger people into the industry, Day said.

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