The CryptoMarketsWiki Podcast Episode 12: IOU on a Blockchain

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Philippe Bekhazi, the founder and CEO of the XBTO Group, has a long history of creating technological tools for trading, devising portfolio and risk management solutions for clients trading equities, FX, rates, and credit instruments. In 2009 he created Derivee Capital, a fintech incubator that sponsored the XBTO Group. Bekhazi has been watching the growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for a long time, and on this episode of the CMW Podcast, he discusses how XBTO went from a prop trading desk to one of the biggest investors in the growing digital asset space, as well as the rise of digital asset derivatives and stablecoins, and the future of digital money.


00:37 – XBTO’s origins
02:43 – From a simple prop trading desk to a multi-faceted business
04:51 – Why people compare cryptocurrency to the Internet in the 90’s
06:56 – Why aren’t institutional investors investing in cryptocurrency?
10:32 – How have digital asset derivatives products from Deribit, the CME, etc. affected the liquidity of the digital asset markets?
13:23 – How do stablecoins factor into the future of finance?

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