The CryptoMarketsWiki Podcast Episode 15: Digitizing the Capital Markets

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Matt Raebel

Matt Raebel



Carlos Domingo is the founder of Securitize, the aptly-named  SEC-registered transfer agent and compliance platform for issuing and managing digital asset securities, or security tokens. The company recently signed a deal with an SEC and FINRA-registered broker-dealer and ATS called Distributed Technology Markets, LLC, and seems on track to become an end-to-end digital securities platform that offers both securities issuance and trading through secondary markets.


00:57 – How is Securitize adapting to the pandemic?
02:48 – What made you want to get into the blockchain space?
03:45 – What does Securitize do?
04:57 – What sets Securitize apart from other ATS’s?
06:07 – What is the process of securitizing assets as digital tokens?
07:14 – Is this tricky from a regulatory perspective?
08:04 – Is it more difficult in specific regions than others?
09:32 – Why did Securitize open-source the code for its protocol?
10:43 – How does your recent acquisition of Distributed Technology Markets, LLC fit into Securitize’s long term goals?
13:44 – In what other ways are you engaging with the more blockchain-centric side of this space?
16:40 – What’s next for Securitize?

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