The CryptoMarketsWiki Podcast Episode 11: Halving a Good Time

Matt Raebel

Matt Raebel



Michael Sonnenshein, the managing director at Grayscale Investments, is passionate about bringing digital asset investing to his clients. In this episode of the CMW Podcast, Sonnenshein discusses institutional digital asset investing, the upcoming “Halvening” of bitcoin, and more.


00:48 – How Grayscale is coping with the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine
01:47 – Being an SEC-reporting cryptocurrency-based company
03:27 – Future plans for Grayscale products
04:31 – Investing in a managed bitcoin fund vs. other managed funds
07:01 – Grayscale seeing increased demand
10:36 – Digital assets in Grayscale’s funds (besides bitcoin)
13:03 – Digital currency investment “not for everyone,” but “not going away”
15:08 – Investing in Grayscale products as a non-accredited investor
16:48 – Grayscale’s plans for the rest of 2020
17:55 – The “Halvening”


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