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John Lothian

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Lambert and Long-time Collaborator Michelle Hemstedt Partner to Launch New FX Publication

Out of the ashes of last fall’s closing of Profit & Loss, longtime P&L editor Colin Lambert and the former commercial director of P&L, Michelle Hemstedt, have launched a new publication, The Full FX. John Lothian News interviewed Lambert in Sydney over Zoom recently about starting the publication, who is involved, and what the plan is.

Lambert said he is “quite obsessed” with FX. He and co-founder Hemstedt decided to create a new venture after P&L closed shop due to the impact of the pandemic. He said Cindy Jiang, also formerly with P&L, is heading sales.

He talked about the plan for The Full FX and how it will be different from P&L, including that there are no immediate plans to get into the conference business — a big part of his old publication. He weighed in on being his own boss and how that changed his perspective.

Lambert wants The Full FX to concentrate more on news and opinions and less on press releases. He said podcasts are in the plan, as are video and social media efforts.

He expects to also cover the cryptocurrency space as it intersects with the traditional FX market. And he said the publication would get into other areas of market structure, from fixed income to electronic trading, as they influence the FX marketplace.

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