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The John Lothian Daily Update is a podcast turning the daily JLN hits and takes comments, our original content and the stories and quips in the top box of First Read into a daily podcast.

John Lothian News Converts Coronavirus Section of JLN to Wellness Exchange
John Lothian – John Lothian News

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new risk to those addressed by this newsletter, namely the health and wellness of each of us, our families, colleagues, friends, communities and beyond. We are all at risk from the virus, whether we are in Chicago, New York, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore or Timbuktu.

John Lothian News addressed this new risk by creating the Coronavirus news section of the John Lothian Newsletter. However, the potential risks to manage from this pandemic for both employers and employees go far beyond just getting sick from the virus, or getting a vaccine.

For example, for us to return to having in-person conferences, there may be a need to test for the virus, and/or ascertain that someone is vaccinated. The debate about vaccine passports becomes another issue in the world of mutual regulatory recognition.

Read more HERE.


Cunningham Commodities to Tie Up With UK CFD Platform
Thom Thompson – John Lothian News

Cunningham Commodities, LLC, the registered futures commission merchant, and Cunningham Trading Systems, LLC have agreed to a combine with Plus500, according to a press release from Plus500, a British platform for trading contracts for difference (CFDs).

In a deal expected to close in the third quarter of this year, Plus 500 will acquire all of the membership interests of both companies. The approximately $30 million deal is intended to provide Plus500 immediate access to the growing U.S. retail futures trading business.

Cunningham and CTS founders Bill Cunningham, Andrew Busby and Nate Ostrye will stay on to lead the businesses following completion of the acquisition. Cunningham Commodities was formed in 1982 and has been a familiar presence at the Chicago Board of Trade, where it continues to be a member.

Read more HERE.


Hits & Takes
JLN Staff

Trading Technologies is holding a webinar titled “Cutting-Edge Trade Surveillance with TT Score” on April 22 at 10 a.m. CT (U.S. and Canada). It will be an in-depth look at TT Score and how you can keep your firm out of a regulator’s crosshairs, especially considering 2020 was a record year for fines and the CFTC is not slowing down. The webinar will be recorded and shared with all registrants, so feel free to register even if you can’t attend the live event. You can register HERE.

Deutsche Börse has signed a data partnership with Bolsa Mexicana de Valores Group that gives Deutsche Börse access to data from the second-largest exchange operator in Latin America. — Deutsche Börse

Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. announced a record 18,848 Murban Crude Oil Futures Contracts Traded on April 20 and that open interest is more than 42,000 contracts. — ICE

TMX Group announced the appointment of David Arnold as their new chief financial officer. He starts on June 1. — TMX

CME Group has a webinar on April 28 at 9 AM CT titled: “Getting Started with Micro Bitcoin Futures.” — CME Group

American Financial Exchange (AFX) Chairman and CEO Richard L. Sandor will be the keynote speaker during the Singapore Exchange (SGX) conference, “Front Seats: Conversations in Global Finance, When Finance and the Environment Converge,” on Thursday, April 22, at 10 a.m. in Singapore, and today, April 21, at 9 p.m. in Chicago. — Register here to attend.

The George Floyd killing in the U.S. had many repercussions around the world. Yesterday, City University of London decided to change the name of their business school from Cass to Bayes, reflecting a move away from a name tainted with a history of slavery towards one linked to mathematics and philosophy. — FT

The Greater Chicago Food Depository was awarded a new Chicago Medal of Honor for making an impact during the COVID-19 pandemic. — ABC Channel 7

Bakkt would like you to know how you can unlock the value of your digital assets using their app. — Bakkt

So much for the Super League in European football. The league collapsed as fans weighed in on the idea and did not go for it. — FT

There were no new donations to the JLN MarketsWiki Education GoFundMe campaign yesterday. Support our efforts to preserve industry history by giving to our GoFundMe campaign.

Have a great day and stay safe and treat people the same way you want to be treated: with respect, equality and justice.~JJL

President Biden plans to host 40 world leaders at a virtual Leaders Summit on Climate this Thursday and Friday, meetings that are viewed by some as a preview of the United Nations’ COP26 climate talks in November in Glasgow, Scotland. The White House says the summit intends to show the urgency and economic benefits of stronger climate action. Ahead of this week’s meetings, Henry Fernandez, MSCI CEO and chairman, called on capital market participants to become a “critical force” in the drive toward net zero, keeping global warming well below 2 degrees Celsius. MSCI also published a new opinion piece, “The Role of Capital in the Net-Zero Revolution.” You can read it here to prep for the presidential summit. ~SC

First Read

The 5 Essential Shifts of Weight Loss Mastery
Jessica Hehmeyer – John Lothian News/Excerpted from Medium

“It takes 30 days to create a new habit.”

Or so we’ve been told…

But in the area of weight loss mastery there are hundreds of habits to master — most of which are never discussed.

This work of sustained + empowered weight mastery has been central to my work for over a decade. I know the imprisoned experience of struggling with weight — starting the day feeling defeated when getting dressed. Walking through your day experiencing shame and barriers to connecting wholeheartedly with others, without access to weight loss mastery born of self-love and empowerment.

Read more HERE.



Opinion | That Anxiety You’re Feeling? It’s a Habit You Can Unlearn.
The New York Times
This has been a bad year for the anxious among us — myself very much included. The pandemic was objectively terrifying. And many of us were trapped inside, with nothing we could do about it, severed from social connection and routine, with plenty of time to fret.

*****I am not sure if I am languishing or have anxiety. Or maybe I have anxiety that I am languishing.~JJL


HSBC Manager’s Heart Attack Prompts Viral Post About Overwork
Lananh Nguyen and Harry Wilson – Bloomberg
When Jonny Frostick realized he was having a heart attack this month, the first thing that occurred to the HSBC Holdings Plc contractor was: “I needed to meet with my manager tomorrow, this isn’t convenient.”
Then he thought about funding for a project, his will, and finally, his wife.

*****I once had a client who had a heart attack and as he was being wheeled out of his apartment he was on the phone with us to liquidate his futures positions. A man must have priorities. Risk management does not stop for a heart attack.~JJL


Tuesday’s Top Three
The most-read story on Tuesday was from The New York Times that had very graphic illustrations, How Safe Are You From Covid When You Fly? No. 2 was an analysis by the Wall Street Journal, Behind the Mysterious Demise of a $1.7 Billion Mutual Fund. And the third also was a story from the Wall Street Journal, Coca-Cola Sounds Alarm on Global Covid-19 Cases.

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