The Out of Options Motorcycle Club to Ride to Miami to Options Industry Conference

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman

The Out of Options Motorcycle Club comes together to raise money by doing a charity motorcycle ride to the options conference. The group is riding for this year is the Babies Heart Fund, which supports the pediatric cardiology division at Columbia where ISE’s Molly McGregor‘s son is a patient.  She credits them with saving Nathan’s life and says the research they are doing now is simply amazing. The group is also riding for cancer research at St. Jude’s, an equally important cause and an amazing institution.

From Bill Ryan of NYSE

I am sending this message on behalf of the Out of Options Motorcycle Club members Paul Jigani, Barry Nobel and Joe Valenza.

As many of you are aware, Michael Brady, the grandson of Tom Brady, a legend in the options world for many years, was diagnosed with cancer and was treated at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital with great results. Many of you may not know that Molly McGregor, who oversees communications and marketing for ISE and is a member of the OIC Roundtable, has a cause that is near and dear to her heart and that of her young son Nathan. Nathan was born with two Critical Congenital Heart Defects (CCHDs, affect 1 in 10,000 babies). Nathan is doing well now thanks to the amazing efforts of the Columbia University Medical Center and their team of pediatric cardiologists.

In July of 2011, to support the Brady’s and St Jude’s, The Out of Options Motorcycle Club rode from NYC to Boston, then to Chicago, (where we picked up more riders), next to Kansas City, St Louis, then to Memphis and St Jude’s and finally home. Overall we rode about 3800 miles in 9 days, in some of the hottest weather on record. It was 105 degrees in the shade in Memphis the day we began our ride home.

In April of 2013 The OOOMC rode again for St Jude’s. This time we headed west to Las Vegas for the annual option conference. Then we rode from Vegas to LA, dropped the bikes at a Harley dealer to be shipped and flew home. This ride saw all types of weather and terrain. We rode in 29 degrees in Shamrock Texas and 91 degrees in Las Vegas. We rode through the mountains reaching elevations over 7000 feet and through the desert as flat as could be.

The best thing on rides like these, besides the adventure and camaraderie, is that thanks to the generosity of our friends, family, colleagues and the option industry we raised over $75,000.00 on both rides combined.

Well the fight against cancer and congenital heart defects is not over, and there are babies and young children each year that need our help, so The Out of Options Motorcycle Club will be on the road again this year to support two wonderful causes, St. Jude’s and the Babies Heart Fund of Columbia University Medical Center. We will be riding from NYC and Chicago to this year’s Options Industry Conference in Miami Florida. This year the NY crowd (Barry Nobel, Joe Valenza and I) will head north to Maine, turn around and head to Miami (Maine to Miami). Paul Jiganti will head out of Chicago and meet us in Virginia Beach. From there it is a straight shot to the Conference. We are asking you to please support us and the children of St Jude’s or babies at the Columbia University Medical Center by donating to these worthy causes. Just use the links below to donate to the event. Thank you for your support and generosity, and pray for good weather and safe riding conditions. I have attached a recap of the 2013 ride for your entertainment.
Thank you on behalf of the OOOMC.

Paul Jiganti, Barry Nobel, Bill Ryan, Joe Valenza

Babies Heart Fund

St Jude’s Children Research Hospital

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