The Spread: Crash and Burn


This week on The Spread: the coronavirus causes crashes not seen since 2008, derivatives trading hits record volumes for major exchanges, Robinhood has yet another outage, and the OCC adds two clearing-side veterans to its board of directors.

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Welcome to The Spread – I’m Matt Raebel. The coronavirus has continued to wreak holy heck on everything, and the markets are responding accordingly: by doing their best impressions of this little guy right here. (Holds up Mr. Bill doll) OH NOOOO! Although gold and bitcoin are considered by some to be safe havens in times like these, both recently saw downturns so savage the price of hand sanitizer is becoming worth more than both combined. The CME hit its overnight limit down for futures trading on March 8th, though it continued to trade. Trading on VIX Futures was stalled Monday morning due to liquidity issues. Later this week, the VIX hit its highest level since the crash of ‘08 and has continued to climb. I’d say try not to panic, but clearly that ship has sailed.  Low treasury bond yields in both the U.S. and Europe, not to mention a crude oil crash, had traders practically tripping over each other to hedge, leading to record volumes in derivatives trading. The Singapore Exchange posted Monday that average daily volume for all derivatives trading on the exchange in February was almost one and a quarter million contracts per day. The CME Group posted that it reached a new record for daily volume for energy futures and options, trading 6.8 million contracts on March 9th. While all the big exchanges were trading derivatives contracts like they had the cure for the coronavirus in them, the online brokerage Robinhood went out of commission for the third time in two weeks on Monday. Even maid Marian moved her account. Later in the week, news broke that the firm apparently drew its entire $200 million credit line during the week of February 24th, though Robinhood reps said the brokerage still has plenty of cash on hand. If there’s a fourth outage, not even King John will be able to save them. The CME also announced that it will indefinitely close its trading floor at the end of the week, though electronic trading through its Globex system will still be available. The NYSE and other exchanges are considering similar measures. The OCC named two new members to its board of directors this week – Kevin Kennedy, a senior VP and head of product management for North America at Nasdaq, and Thomas Barrett, who leads multiple clearing services at Goldman Sachs. Definitely a strong couple of additions to the OCC. Speaking of which – the OCC is the new sponsor of The Spread! We’re extremely excited to work with them, and look forward to bringing you the latest news from my new favorite options clearing corporation. That’s gonna do it for me this week. Consider working from home if you can – just try to stay safe. I’ll see you next week. Until then, happy trading.  



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