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So, what happens when $6 billion worth of bitcoin options expire? Well, we’ll find out later today. So far the most common open positions on the Panama-based exchange Deribit, where the majority of bitcoin options are traded, are for call options with April 30th expirations and $80,000 strike prices, which are about $19,000 higher than bitcoin’s all-time high set a couple weeks ago. A lot of traders are betting on bitcoin “mooning” – which is crypto lingo for the price spiking upwards – more like “moonshot,” am I right?

Anyway, speaking of the price of the underlying flying straight to the moon – GameStop’s annual report came out this week. The report said that the gaming retailer’s stock has been especially volatile lately; heh, no kidding. It also referenced Reddit’s so-called “retail army” of independent traders; in a subsection listing risk factors to the company’s stock, the report mentions “comments by securities analysts or other third parties, including blogs, articles, message boards and social and other media.” I guess they didn’t want to have to type out “Roaring Kitty”’s Reddit username. Google it if you really want to know.

Trading Technologies, or TT, seems to have made a pretty big deal, because TT’s platform has linked up with Athens. No, that’s not the name of some fintech startup; I mean Athens, Athens, as in the place where the Parthenon is. TT announced this week that clients can now use its platform to trade derivatives products listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, including all stock and index options.

Last up this week, JJ Kinahan, chief market strategist and managing director of trading and education at TD Ameritrade, and Peter Maragos, co-founder and CEO of Dash Financial Technologies, have joined the OCC’s board of directors. Kinahan holds positions in numerous organizations in the securities industry besides his positions with TD Ameritrade and the OCC, including serving on Cboe’s advisory board. Maragos has a long history of working with financial technology and has received tons of honors over the years, including making Financial Technology Report’s Top 50 Financial CEOs in 2020. Together, they’re expected to provide useful insight for the OCC’s board of directors.

Suzanne Cosgrove and Thom Thompson covered the Eurex Derivatives Forum this week, which you can check out at John Lothian News dot com. Check out our site and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for more news and musings. Until next time, stay safe and happy trading.



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