The Spread – There Goes the Sun – 3/18

Spencer Doar

Spencer Doar

Associate Editor

Last year we filmed our FIA Boca edition of “The Spread” in a pool. However, we were at a different Airbnb this time, so you are not in for a repeat treat. 

The following are the stories referenced in this week’s episode: 

CME Group -> CME Group Announces All-Time Eurodollar Options Open Interest Record of 55.8 Million Contracts
The Federal Reserve -> Standardized Approach for Calculating the Exposure Amount of Derivative Contracts [R-1629] Comment Page
-Boca Bits Day One, Day Two and Day Three via Chuck Mackie on Medium
Bloomberg -> Someone Just Wrote Black Swan Options on the Hong Kong Dollar
Bloomberg -> Oil Options Trading Jumps as Large Producer Is Said to Hedge
Reuters -> China investors catch option fever, prompting regulator warnings

Produced by Mike Forrester

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