The Weekend Update: August 5 – 9, 2019


NYSE floor traders are facing job extinction

The New York Stock Exchange’s fabled floor traders, fearing steeper job losses in their already diminished ranks, are an endangered species.


The Spread – Moving on Up

On the heels of LSEG’s move to buy Refinitiv, ICE announced it would be purchasing BAML’s MOVE family of indices. This week’s episode of “The Spread” takes a look at this fixed income volatility development.

Jeff Carter on Venture Capital

Want to know more about venture capital? Want to understand what the industry has to offer? Listen to Jeff Carter, managing partner with West Loop Ventures, in this video from MarketsWiki Education’s World Of Opportunity event in Chicago.

The Highest Paid Grip in Chicago and Parts Beyond

Friday I was the highest paid “grip” in Chicago as I helped drag JLN’s video and lighting equipment to the Wrigley building in Chicago on Michigan Avenue for a video shoot with American Financial Exchange CEO Richard Sandor and Wedbush Executive Vice President Robert Fitzsimmons.

Bcause it is such a good deal!

Bcause, the cryptocurrency mining infrastructure provider that asked for bankruptcy court protection in April, filed its proposed reorganization plan with the federal court on Wednesday afternoon. Providing mining infrastructure services was only one of the company’s original lines of business, but it is the only one that Bcause has launched.

Bcause bets it all on bitcoin

On Thursday, August 8, Judge Janet Baer continued the current round of proceedings in Bcause’s ongoing federal bankruptcy case until September 4. Bcause demonstrated to the court there is hope a confirmable reorganization plan can be presented. It has not yet submitted one.

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