The Weekend Update: May 20-24, 2019


Leo Melamed Looks Back and Forward in Fireside Chat

ICE Futures US tried to certify (that is, to fast-track) to the CFTC a change to the order execution rules in the central limit order books for its two-year old daily gold and silver futures contracts. The changes are designed to protect market makers in these low volume contracts. The exchange hopes that the change will help increase volume in the contract.


The Spread – Hip Hop Greeks

What’s your favorite options related rhyme? If you don’t have one, you should after watching this week’s episode of “The Spread.”.

European Interest, Cross Asset Growth and the Retail Base

In this video from the 2019 Options Exchange Leader Series, Cboe Head of Options and Global Client Services Arianne Criqui talks about the exchange’s select sector index options, the listing of XSP, corporate bond futures, and more.

Addressing Concentration and Liquidity Risk – Alex Lamb, The Technancial Company

In this video, Technancial Head of Business Development Americas and Head of Marketing Alex Lamb talks about how market participants look to stay one step ahead of their clearing member.

Taking the Chinese Connectivity Plunge – Ryan Moroney and Pat Kenny, CQG

CQG offers hosted access to some 50 exchanges worldwide and market data for dozens more. For the last year or so, CQG has worked to establish a foothold in China. In this video, CQG President Ryan Moroney and CQG SVP of Client Relations Pat Kenny talk about what the firm is looking to accomplish in Asia (and a bit about its crypto mindset).

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