There is No Way to Thank Everyone, but Some People Must be Mentioned

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman and CEO

I wish I could share this news of my being named to the FIA Hall of Fame with my mother and father, but both have passed, my mother in 2022 and my father in 2003. Even though my father has been gone for nearly a generation, his light shines through me via his wisdom, tolerance, community service, faith and love of family. I always said that using both of my college degrees, one in finance, the other in journalism, made my mother happy. As a teacher, education was important to her. But my parents insisted the only thing they were going to give me besides love was an education and then I was on my own.

I was on my own, but I had a lot of help along the way. There is no way I can thank all those who helped me find my way to being named to the Hall of Fame. But I have to thank Thomas J. Cashman, who gave me my start as his driver. I thank William J. Mallers, Sr., another of this year’s inductees, for teaching me a lot about the markets and the industry. There was Bud Frazier, who taught me how to be a better futures broker and helped me grow my business. I have to thank Tom Price, who hired me to lead electronic trading at The Price Futures Group at the dawn of the online trading era. Tom Price taught me a lot about life and how to run a business and gave me the opportunity to incubate my newsletter into a company and build MarketsWiki, MarketsReformWiki and more. Thank you also to Nancy Price, who was always gracious about sharing Tom.

I have to thank some of my colleagues, people like Sarah Rudolph and Jeff Bergstrom, who have been loyal contributors to the success of John Lothian News before it was even called that. I have to thank Jim Kharouf, my collaborator for 10 years who did incredible journalistic work on the platforms we built together. I have to thank Jon Matte, who gave me the impetus to build MarketsWiki in the first place when he asked me for a job and then helped me build it and grow John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. into a real firm.

I have to thank Jim McNulty, who was a mentor when I was starting my career, and then I lost track of him until he emerged as the CEO of the CME. That relationship dislocation was one of the founding reasons for the John Lothian Newsletter.

I have to thank Bob Bogda, the bureau chief of Commodity News Service/Knight Ridder in Chicago, for giving me my first post collegiate job, and for Ceci Rogers for helping me connect with Bob. I also want to thank Bob for letting me go nine months later, teaching me the importance of paying attention to the macro environment for your industry. That lesson is an underlying principle for the mission of John Lothian News.

I have to thank Joe Corona and Bruce Lawrence for hiring me as an off the floor futures trader in 1989 because they were concerned about the advent of electronic trading and its impact on the trading floors. And I need to thank Tom Cashman’s former Victor Grain partner, John J. Ruth, who, as the president of LIT America, referred me to Joe and Bruce and has been a career-long mentor to me.

I have to thank Ryan McNally, who turned me into an electronic trading pioneer at LIT America when I cleared there. Also, I need to thank John Barun and Tayloe Draughon, then from Capital Markets Consulting, who built a rogue Java-based trading platform and made me its alpha tester.

Thank you to Patrick Lothian, who has introduced a higher level of video production to the futures industry with his work at John Lothian News and John Lothian Productions.

Thank you to Patrick’s brother Ryan Lothian, who was hired when we landed a contract from the NYSE for a metals newsletter and whose new media ideas transformed the John Lothian Newsletter into John Lothian News and more. And thank you to Andrew Lothian, a singer, songwriter and audio man for John Lothian News and John Lothian Productions. I guess I have to thank my brother Scott and his wife Barb for producing such talented children for me to employ, too, so thank you Scott and Barb.

Thank you to Sally Duros for her contributions, including finding Alex Teng for Options Discovery. Thank you to Alex Teng for the great work and for finding Asma Awass to replace him.

Thank you to former JLN colleague Doug Ashburn for all his contributions to JLN and MarketsReformWiki, but also for recommending his wife as our head of finance and administration. Thank you, Nancy Ashburn.

Thank you to Jessica (Titlebaum) Darmoni, for willing her way into the company and then performing her way to a full-time position. Thank you to Spencer Doar and Mike Forrester for finding their way to JLN and going on with their careers.

Thank you to all the MarketsWiki Development Team members, including Laura Oatney, the late Gail Osten, Doug Cameron, Alan DiNovo, Christine Nielsen, Ted Naganawa, Steve Zwick, Nicole (Rohr) Stephani, John C. Nelson, and Chris McMahon. Thank you to Laura Durnell, David J. Smith and Rachel Koning Beals for being the assistant editors of the Environmental Markets Newsletter. Thank you to JLN contributing editors over the years, including Thom Thompson, Suzanne Cosgrove, Sally Duros, Chuck Mackie, Jim Falvey and Mary Haffenberg.

Thank you to my son Timothy, who gave me the idea for the MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity program and was my first child to travel to London for IDX. Thank you to my son Robby, for his many contributions to John Lothian News, including providing video production services for multiple conferences, including traveling all the way to Singapore by himself. Thank you to my daughter Katherine for providing video production services at multiple conferences, including IDX, EXPO and multiple Bocas.

Thank you to my wife Cheryl for her patience and support.

Thank you to John Damgard of the FIA for thinking up the Hall of Fame. Thank you to Richard Sandor and Leo Melamed, or Leo Melamed and Richard Sandor, depending on how you want them listed, for always inspiring me.

Thank you to Dave Johnson and all the Chicago Board of Trade Clearing Corp Foundation trustees for their support of the Boy Scouts over the years. Thank you also to Dave for the introduction to Roosevelt University, which found us Corties Draper, the host of Futures Discovery. Thank you, Corties.

Thank you to Bill and Joan Brodsky for being you. Thank you to Peter Wind and his longtime colleague Bernie Dan for identifying what I was doing with JLN early. Thank you to Terry Duffy and his fellow former bartender, Pat Kenny, for years of friendship. Thank you Craig Donohue for your friendship and support.

I want to thank Tom Callahan and Garry Jones and the NYSE Liffe team for their sponsoring the JLN Metals Newsletter, which gave us the resources to become a new media firm under Ryan Lothian’s vision. I want to thank all the MarketsWiki sponsors who supported my vision.

I want to thank Harris Brumfield and Trading Technologies for giving me two of the biggest news scoops of my career when I was just a one man operation.

Thank you to Deutsche Boerse/Eurex and their team for hiring my son Tim for a summer in Frankfurt. Thank you to the leaders of the long gone SFOA for their hospitality. Thank you to Jeff Sprecher and Kelly Loeffler for their support of JLN, and also of some of my Boy Scouts who needed financial help to go to jamborees. Thank you to George Hanley for his support of my Scouts and all who supported them in JLN over the years. Thank you to all my friends at Asian exchanges who have supported JLN. Thank you to Keizo Goto for his kindness and friendship.

Thank you to Jeremy Grant, Jacob Bunge, Matt Leising, Debbie Carlson and all my other journalism colleagues for filing my newsletter with great stories.

Thank you to Bill Templer, Clive Furness, Diane Saucier, Ed Boyle, Thomas F. Cashman, Martin Mosbacher, David Prosperi and Michael Cahill for their services to the advisory committee of John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. I am probably forgetting someone here.

Thank you to all of the interns that worked for John J. Lothian & Company, including Alison Fay, Claire Downs, Erik Donelson, Evan Fabry, Finn Dardis Green, Liz Oatney, Owen Rehling, Paul Campbell and Tony Buscaglia. I am probably missing someone here too.

I would like to thank all of the very professional public relations professionals I have dealt with over the years. There are too many of you to name, or shame, so I won’t.

It would be impossible to thank everyone. I apologize if I left you out. Thank you to everyone who helped me on my path to the Hall of Fame. You are all appreciated.

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