Top Options Stories of 2017 Countdown

Spencer Doar

Spencer Doar

Associate Editor

Correction: SROs did NOT begin reporting to the Consolidated Audit Trail in November – the deadline for implementation was indeed delayed.  For a CAT update, see our January 2018 video with Thesys CAT Chief Compliance Officer Shane Swanson. 

Listicles are occasionally the butt of jokes – Buzzfeed knows – but what about listideos?

With 2017 in the bag, we at JLN thought we’d recap the year in options with a list of the big stories and trends – and there were a number. Below are links to stories referenced in the countdown. When a theme is addressed, the linked story is indicative of the theme. 

11) Development of crypto derivatives

10) BOX opens a trading floor

9) Nasdaq to launch VIX alternative

8) MIAX opens second exchange, Pearl

7) Broker fee wars

6) Vela acquires OptionsCity

5) Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT)

4) Capital requirements on big bank clearers

3) Proprietary trading consolidation – DRW + RGM; Virtu + KCG; Two Sigma + Timber Hill

2) Low volatility regime and short volatility trade

1) Cboe + Bats



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