“We start with the business strategy, align that with the goals and objectives, then align the employees with the goals and objectives of the organization, to help everyone understand the big picture and your role in it, and ultimately how you are going to be evaluated, recognized and rewarded for your performance and contributions.”

From a full management makeover to a change in its capital structure to its recent designation as a systemically important financial market utility, OCC, the central clearing organization for the U.S. options markets, has undergone sweeping changes in the last few years. These changes have required OCC to aggressively ramp up its compliance, risk and systems departments.

The task has been a challenge for Tracy Raben, chief human resource officer, who is in charge of pulling together the right mix of people, developing talent and keeping employees aligned with the company vision. Oh, yeah. She also needs to help the team maintain a healthy work/life balance.

According to Raben, these are the components of a high-performance culture.

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