Trading Technologies Unveils Growth Strategy at FIA Boca: Innovations, Acquisitions, and Expansions Set New Course in Capital Markets

FIA Boca Keith Todd and Justin Llewellyn-Jones
John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman and CEO

At the FIA International Futures Industry Conference in Boca Raton, Florida, John Lothian News interviewed Trading Technologies executives Keith Todd and Justin Llewellyn-Jones. Todd and Llewellyn-Jones shared their vision for the company’s growth, centered around innovation and evolution in the capital markets. 

Todd reiterated the strategic path laid out for Trading Technologies, emphasizing the significance of their recent acquisition, ATEO, which enhances the company’s capabilities in the clearing and middle office space. This move is pivotal in Trading Technologies’ effort to consolidate its position in exchange-traded derivatives while expanding into other asset classes, he said.

“It’s very much completing TT’s ability to cover the whole of the trade cycle from first execution through to exit of the clearinghouse, when it goes to settle,” Todd said when describing ATEO’s functionality. 

Justin Llewellyn-Jones, who recently stepped into his new role as COO, shared his excitement for the future, detailing plans to focus on six lines of business, including TT’s core futures and options. The roadmap for the next 12 months includes the integration of ATEO, the introduction of new futures transaction cost analysis and new futures algorithms, and the extension of their order management system.

Llewellyn-Jones also discussed strategic programs across fixed income, FX, data, and analytics, driven by client needs and market demands. The addition of new talents such as Llewellyn-Jones, Alun Green, Chris Heffernan and Tomo Tokuyama is poised to strengthen the team, enabling Trading Technologies “to win in the capital markets technology game,” Todd said.

Llewellyn-Jones said that extending the OMS, or order management system, was “fit for purpose” for both principal traders and agency side participants.   

Geographic expansion and the development of new algorithmic offerings highlight the company’s aggressive growth strategy, Llewellyn-Jones said. He also mentioned that TT is looking at offering access to equity options. 

In addition to enhancing their existing services, Trading Technologies is connecting with new and vibrant marketplaces like EPEX SPOT, introducing sophisticated trading tools to the energy trading community, Todd said. This initiative has already garnered positive feedback, indicating the potential for significant impact on the electronic marketplace, he said.

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