trueDigital Launches Bitcoin and Ether Reference Rates and Indices

Jeff Bergstrom

Jeff Bergstrom


trueDigital Launches Bitcoin and Ether Reference Rates and Indices; Provides the transparency and confidence needed to enable institutional-grade derivative products
trueDigital Holdings
trueDigital Holdings (“TDH”), a leading developer of institutional-grade digital asset trading solutions, has partnered with 10 liquidity providers and contributors including Genesis Global Trading, XBTO Group, Circle, DV Chain, Hehmeyer and Altonomy to create the first market maker based Bitcoin and Ether pricing indices. The launch of the trueDigital Bitcoin and Ether reference rates sets a new standard for the digital asset market and allays common concerns about the robustness and lack of transparency inherent in retail exchange-based bitcoin pricing composites.

Japanese Minister Denies Association with Cryptocurrency Firm Under Investigation
CCN – Japan
Seiko Noda, Japan’s internal affairs minister, denied having an interest in a cryptocurrency company under investigation and interfering in that investigation, according to a report in Asahi Shimbun. As a Cabinet minister, Noda could be accused of trying to influence a government investigation.

EU Issues Worrying Warning Over Future Of Bitcoin
Billy Bambrough – Forbes
Despite bitcoin’s latest price rally, the world’s largest cryptocurrency is still struggling to reach mainstream adoption, and now the European Union (EU) has warned bitcoin and other decentralised cryptocurrencies could be derailed by the world’s central banks.

Blockchain: India Likely To See Brain Drain As 80% Developers May Move Abroad
Meha Agarwal –
Blockchain: India Likely To See Brain Drain As 80% Developers May Move Abroad
More than 80% of the blockchain developers in India may move abroad in search of better opportunities due to lack of “robust regulatory framework” in the country on blockchain technology.

India’s cryptocurrency exchanges face another 50 days of uncertainty
Nupur Anand – Quartz
The wait continues for Indian cryptocurrency exchanges.
On July 20, after a short hearing, India’s supreme court set Sept. 11 as the date for the next hearing—and the pronouncement of a verdict—in the cases filed by the bourses against the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

The reality of what asset managers are really doing about cryptocurrencies; The exploration of cryptocurrencies from asset managers should not always be taken as a sign of intent, more just what you’d expect from the biggest players in the financial markets.
Jon Watkins – The Trade
In what may seem like conflicting stances, some of the world’s largest traditional asset managers are exploring cryptocurrencies, while at the same time seeing little demand from clients, according to multiple industry experts. This exploration is not always a sign of intent however, more just what you would expect from some of the biggest financial institutions on the planet – essentially just having their finger on the pulse.

Broker to world’s biggest banks explores crypto trading; TP Icap working group was set up under recently-ousted CEO John Phizackerley
By Samuel Agini – Financial New
TP Icap, one of the largest brokers sitting between banks in the global financial markets, has set up a working group to examine how it should approach cryptocurrencies.

Aite Reports Crypto Trading Will Hit and Breach $1Tr in 2018
John D’Antona Jr. – Traders Magazine Online News
Aite Group, in its latest report, “The Cryptocurrencies Market Landscape: A New Frontier,” wrote that forecasts the total trading value of cryptocurrencies to be just over US$1 trillion in 2018.
Bitcoin has failed to gain much attention and adoption for its original purpose, which is to serve as a digital cash payment system replacing the fiat currency payment system. But both trading volume and market cap of bitcoin have grown dramatically over the past few years and have led to an entirely new market of tradable instruments, which are collectively known as cryptocurrencies. With rapid price appreciation and an increase in total market cap, cryptocurrencies have quickly emerged into a new asset class that nobody can afford to ignore.

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