Two Studies on Options Use – Institutional Users and European Demand

Spencer Doar

Spencer Doar

Associate Editor

Over the past two months, two studies commissioned by the Options Industry Council were released. The  studies about the varying uses of options by different market participants were conducted Greenwich Associates and Burton-Taylor International Consulting, respectively.  

The first study, conducted by Greenwich, looked at how institutional users of exchange-listed options view the product. In the below video filmed at the Options Industry Conference in Amelia Island, OIC’s Joe Cusick and Greenwich’s Richard Johnson go over some of the key findings of the study.


The second study, conducted by Burton-Taylor, found that some 9 percent of U.S. options order flow comes from Europe, nearly unchanged from since the last study in 2013. However, what has changed is the pent-up demand waiting the wings. The below video, filmed at FIA IDX in London, features Burton-Taylor’s Andy Nybo and OIC’s Gary Delany talking about the European options landscape. 


Videos produced by Mike Forrester
Interviews by Spencer Doar



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