This year’s elections for the  board of directors of the National Futures Association is underway. John Lothian News spoke with several of the candidates, including commodity trading advisor and Commodity Customer Coalition co-founder John Roe, first elected to the board two years ago pledging reform.

“When I ran for the board of directors two years ago,” says Roe, “we set out to accomplish a few things with regard to customer protections and increasing regulatory efficiency. Two years just simply is not enough time to get all of that done, and I feel we have a lot more to accomplish.”

Roe is commodity trading advisor (CTA) with Roe Capital Management, a commodity trading advisory firm he founded in October 2007. He is also a principal at futures broker BTR Trading, a futures broker founded in 2010.

He is also the co-founder, along with James Koutoulas, of the Commodity Customer Coalition. a grass-roots group founded in the wake of the MF Global bankruptcy in October 2011. Roe and Koutoulas were elected to the NFA in 2013, representing the CTA/CPO category.

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