From Aaron Gill of ICE:

I am pleased to say I successfully completed the London marathon. I didn’t make my target time of 4 hours, but still finished in a somewhat respectable 4.27 hours. I am most proud of the fact that despite hitting a very tough wall at mile 18, I didn’t stop and walk, but ran the whole thing. It was an incredible experience; a mix of extreme emotions, of highs and lows, but the one constant was the phenomenal support from the crowd. There wasn’t a moment in the race where the crowds weren’t there in strength, passing out food and cheering us on, which was well received!

I am equally proud to say I raised over £6,700 for Debra, which is a staggering amount of money. I am truly humbled by everyone’s generosity and support. It was a beautiful day and an amazing experience, one I’m glad I did and even happier is over!

Best regards,


**** Congrats to Aaron!!! Great work.

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