Veteran Trader Joe Corona Talks Strategy and Matrix Solutions with JLN at 2022 Options Conference

Alex Perry

Alex Perry

Associate Editor

Joe Corona is a veteran trader who serves as the chief strategy officer of brokerage firm Matrix Executions. Corona spoke to JLN at the Options Conference in San Antonio, Texas for the JLN OIC Industry Leader video series. We also interviewed him for the Open Outcry Traders History Project, a video which will be released later.

We asked Corona what is the favorite part of his job in the options industry? JLN also asked him about the backstory of Matrix Executions. 

As the chief strategist of a brokerage firm in the options industry, it is part of his job to keep track of the market structure. We asked him what was the secret of understanding the option market structure.

JLN asked Corona why customers want to work with Matrix Executions. We also asked him how the rise of retail trading changed the strategies of Matrix Executions. 

We also asked Corona how the pandemic affected his firm.


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