Your Opportunity to Expand Vaccine Development and Tame the Pandemic

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman and CEO

Some vaccines for COVID-19 have been developed and approved and are beginning to be delivered and administered. This is just the beginning chapter for novel coronavirus vaccines. And chapter one is not even complete.

There are more pages to be written in this thriller. There are more COVID-19 vaccines that need to be developed. There are more people for whom specific vaccines need to be created: the young, pregnant and vulnerable. 

What we need to finish this chapter and write the happy ending for this book is more research and development of new vaccines. We need more people and we need more facilities. 

There is a way you can help make that happen. In fact, one of you, or one of your associates, employers or friends, has an opportunity to put your name or your family’s name behind the effort to find new vaccines that will help the whole world. 

Imagine having supplied the funds for the suite of research trial facilities at the essential location for new vaccine development. Imagine having your name on the door of the venue that helped the world return to normalcy, where family and friends can gather together again.

Imagine your name perhaps being mentioned every time the key new vaccines are reported in the press. How much is it worth to be associated with helping to heal the world and enabling the economy to recover and people to return to their previous jobs or find new ones?

How much is it worth to have your name mentioned in the press every time the new vaccines are talked about accomplishing incredible new feats? How much would marketing like that be worth? How much goodwill would that create for you or your family, or company?

At the University of Maryland Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health they are looking for $1.5 million to build a set of suites to expand their clinical trials research. 

This CVD, as it is called, is home to Dr. Kathy Neuzil, who spoke at FIA EXPO about the pandemic. She is the co-chair of the leadership team with National Institute of Health (NIH) and also the Administration’s task force for vaccines, known to some as Operation Warp Speed. She is one of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s top academic research scientists.

She is a big reason I believe this is the place to support vaccine research. Neuzil is the only U.S. member of the World Health Organization Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE).

People like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Neuzil are the reason that medical school applications are up 18 percent this year. This pandemic is attracting some of the brightest minds of the current generation because there is a mission to accomplish that is the biggest of our lifetimes. To accomplish this mission, we need more bright people and the facilities to enable them. 

While this important research facility is in Maryland, its mission goes far beyond state borders. The work they do will benefit the entire country, and the world, because of their leadership role in shaping vaccine research and development policy.

The CVD gets funding from many sources, including federal grants, NIH, CDC, military and also sources like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. However, these funds cover the research itself, but not the infrastructure necessary for it.

The $1.5 million is what the CVD needs to build the expanded set of research suites to continue to develop more vaccines. Now, I will admit to a selfish element in promoting this. One of the things we are going to need is vaccines for people who are at greater risk: those with underlying conditions, or those who are older. The CVD needs to continue their work to find vaccines for people with underlying conditions and those for whom the existing vaccines present too high a risk or simply do not work. I may fall into one of these categories, but more important, someone you consider dear may also be in one of these categories for whom the existing vaccines are not appropriate.

We also need to be researching for the next pandemic, so we can respond more quickly and with greater certainty and efficiency. This expanded set of research suites is necessary to do that. 

There are many readers of this newsletter who could write a check for $1 million and place their name on these research suites. That is what it takes to get your name on the facility, just a $1 million donation. There are also many companies represented here that could write this check, or organizations that could rally their members to provide the funds and have the site named for their organization.

Writing a $1 million check to help fund these research suites would be a good way to pay back the world for the blessings you have received in the form of profits for a year of volatile trading markets. Or maybe you are paying back the world for the gift of a great career that brought you many benefits, including monetary ones greater than your needs. 

There are lots of reasons to write that $1 million check. And if you don’t want to name the suite after yourself, your family or company, name it for something at the core of your success. 

The Free Markets Vaccine Research Center has a nice ring to it.

If you are interested in making a donation of $1 million, or any other amount, please contact Senior Director of Development Pamela Lambert at the University of Maryland at 410-706-0419 and

Let’s put the markets and our industry into the story about how this pandemic and future pandemics were tamed. Let’s write a happy ending to this story.


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